Amy Knickerbocker

Real Estate Broker
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It is my desire to provide more than opening a door of a home for my customers. I have been providing top notch Real Estate services since 2004 serving hundreds of customers throughout Western Washington. I began my career in Real Estate as an investor purchasing my duplex as a VA buyer just a few months after turning 18. Then buying my second home almost exactly a year later. I continued acquiring properties which in time emerged into flipping homes (before HGTV). I loved sharing my experiences so much I decided to get my real estate license. I wanted to share the knowledge I had gained to help my customers with their real estate journey. It is always exciting (with expected challenges) to go through the process with first time buyers guiding them through the steps towards homeownership. I have now helped many of my customers purchase their second homes, becoming move up buyers (selling and buying at the same time) and helping them purchase investment properties of their own.

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I’ve been fortunate to witness the transformative power of real estate in people’s lives. My journey began with a personal passion for investment at a remarkably young age, igniting a lifelong dedication to this field. As I navigated the landscape of property acquisition, evolving from an investor to a licensed real estate professional, I discovered a profound joy in guiding others through their real estate endeavors. My aim has always been to offer more than just transactions; I aim to be a trusted advisor, a supportive mentor, and a source of invaluable knowledge for my clients. Whether it’s assisting first-time buyers in realizing their dreams of homeownership or aiding seasoned investors in expanding their portfolios, every step of this journey is filled with anticipation, learning, and the thrill of turning aspirations into reality. Helping clients transition from their initial homes to their second, or facilitating seamless selling and buying simultaneously, has become an incredibly rewarding part of my practice. The challenges are expected, but it’s the shared triumphs, the delighted smiles upon closing deals, and the lasting relationships formed that truly fuel my passion for real estate.