Tien Tran

Real Estate Broker
206-499-1764 |

I realize at a young age that I have the skills and desire to pursue a career as a real estate agent. I am passionate about real estate and enjoy building relationships while always going the extra mile. I like to move fast, come up with fresh concepts and ideas, take charge, and have my clients’ best interests in mind at all times. I compete daily with myself to become a better agent, putting all of my integrity into serving others. I believe that my capacity to deliver the best customer service will be a reflection of my success in this industry. I spent 14 years of my childhood in Vietnam, where I am completely fluent. With a background in Business Finance and property management, I believe I can utilize all my knowledge to assist clients as best as I could.

Reading, listening to motivational podcasts, playing guitar, and spending time with my family are some of my favorite past times. I also enjoy traveling and engaging in activities that broaden my horizons and enable me to always be learning.